Multi Vitamin Review

As a Holistic Health Coach I am always looking to support my clients in the best way possible. We cover nutrition, dietary theories and supplements as part of our secondary food element. First and foremost I encourage my clients to review their eating habits and together we work on the premise of a healthy balanced diet, adding in more goodness. Even though we are adding in more goodness (via increasing healthy plant based produce for eg) today, more than ever, our lands and soils have been drained of so many of their many natural nutrients and minerals and that usually help support us. This is due to over farming the land, pesticides and our affecting the delicate balance of the eco system. Therefore, to enable our immune systems to function at their optimum, supplements can be a supportive short term addition to maintain our overall health and wellbeing.

At this time of year especially when we have begun shifting into the colder winter months, all our immune systems could use a little extra support and that is where supplements may be a useful addition to a healthy, well balanced diet.

I am always seeking quality, sustainable and ethical options for supplements and those that can make my clients lives a little easier, whilst still carrying all the benefits of a high quality supplement. Together we review the best possible options for them as, we are all so different and our needs vary.

I recently discovered Inessa (Advanced Multi Vitamin) especially great for those clients whom have particularly busy lives or are simply lacking vitality, or wish to keep their health routine simple. Inessa Multi Vitamin is a once daily option, containing 26 nutrients, vitamins, minerals and with the added addition and benefit of CoQ10, in one easy to swallow capsule. Whilst reviewing them and their product, it was clear from the outset on first impressions Inessa are passionate about what they do and have invested in their research. They have scientific evidence around the levels of each constituent ingredient which, helps to maximise their individual benefits. They look great, have a great selection of product offerings and in the most bioavailable forms. I would very much like to see them offer refills for their recurrent orders and have put this forward to Inessa.

The secret to staying well and avoiding those winter bugs and viruses, especially at this time of year, is to support your immune function to operate at its optimal level. Inessa Multi Vitamin is a great way to support both your body and immunity.

If you would like to try Inessa then please do reach out and contact me or visit

Important Note: I always advise my clients whom are supplementing with Vit D to ensure that they have their level checked prior to supplementing as, if it is too high it may be harmful and increase calcium build up or kidney stones. Knowing where your blood levels are is good practice for anyone supplementing and should always be advised.

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