Holistic Health Coaching

The first time I met Lara I knew that she was a very gifted, special Person. Little did I know how practising yoga with Lara would positively impact my life both on and off the mat.
I needed to learn more about living a more balanced life and after much research and a few failed programmes I signed a commitment to participate on one of her Holistic Coaching Programmes – It taught me how to enjoy life and how to feel great inside and out!
During all of our sessions Lara passionately shares her extensive knowledge of holistic and nutritional health – She personalises each session we share to meet my needs and remained patient and understanding throughout the duration of the programme.
The Mind-Body-Spirit coaching would always end with me feeling inspired to live well, eat well and be happy – I learned to question so many things which has resulted in my life being healthier and richer. Lara’s love and guidance over the past few years now means that she holds a very special place in my heart.
Thankyou ❤
Jane M

Lara Is a great listener. She listens with empathy and compassion, a powerful combination! She is very knowledgeable, and having shared some significant health problems of her own that she has overcome, I feel she really walks the talk. She has a very holistic approach and has supported me make sense of my own issues, especially emotional blockages which have been impacting on my physical health. She has held me accountable in a warm and non-judgemental way and also with humour, and I feel she really cares and is there for me. She has taught me the power of living in the moment whatever is going on in life, and I feel I am much calmer and more content as a result.
Tess B


I have been coming to Lara’s yoga classes for a year and can unreservedly recommend her. No two classes are ever the same and I really enjoy the variety of styles and challenges. She has a lovely manner about her and although we all take the classes seriously, and work hard, there is a great relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Her meditations are thoughtful and inspiring and again, she draws inspiration from many different sources. There is something for everyone, from the beginner level to pretty challenging postures so anyone would benefit from Lara’s classes. I always leave feeling better, physically and mentally, than when I arrived! Carrie T

I had been practicing yoga for over 20 years before joining Lara’s class but, unfortunately 4 years ago I had a stroke which, left me with a neck problem and one of side of my body became weak. This made it difficult to practice especially with balance and I lost my confidence and gave up. Having decided to give it another go, I joined Lara’s classes 8 months ago. I can honestly say that her classes have helped me immensely. Lara puts a lot of thought into preparing each class which makes them different each week (although sometimes quite challenging) they are also fun.
Her inspiration is truly remarkable. She gives praise to each and everyone of us which, for me personally, gives me the confidence to carry on. Although I am nowhere near where I was with yoga I feel that for me, I am not too bad and improving each week and that is all down to Lara. So, a big thank you Lara. Valerie H