My approach when working with clients is holistic in nature, sensitive and comes from my deep passion and desire to help others. This desire to help others was strong in my nature from a very young age and has been reflected in all of my career paths.

My own personal story and challenges with dis-ease all started with a severe horse riding accident in 2012. Subsequently, this was to be the catalyst of my moving into Yoga and the Health and Wellness arena and for this I will be forever grateful. It enabled me to step off the treadmill of doing and to develop the art of being (we are human beings after all and not human doings).

Following my accident, my body, mind and soul was in deep shock, aside from the physical injuries that I sustained and this exacerbated my existing insomnia. This led to a compromised immune system thus, leading to widespread inflammation and then a subsequent diagnosis of Chronic fatigue Syndrome (CFS/ME) under The Royal London in 2015. I was starting to make a good recovery, or so I thought, when in 2017 I suffered a life threatening stroke in my sleep and only a matter of months later I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

By looking at our lives and lifestyles and what we consume (our nutrition) we can begin to build a picture of how we may have come to find ourselves in compromised health and from this we start to understand how we can start healing from dis-ease within the body.

My programmes offer a high level of intuitive support, guidance and understanding. I aim to empower my Clients on their journey and provide them with nutritional support and how to make sustainable and conscious life choices, enabling them to once again return to a state of equilibrium.

By truly embodying mind, body and soul integration, we are able to really understand the power of our own healing. My programme offers long term, sustainable results and a real shift in perspective. It is enjoyable and is easily integrated into my clients daily lives. As a result, my programme is flexible, intuitive and client led.

I am dedicated to supporting you find equilibrium, so that you may begin living your most happy, healthy and most vibrant life.

Are you ready to make a change?

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I only partner with those brands which are ethical, sustainable and have our environment and the health and wellbeing of all, at the forefront of their business.

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