Gut Health Plant Based Smoothie Bowl

Kick start your day the right way with this gut health plant based smoothie bowl.

Try this simple, quick and super healthy plant based smoothie bowl which, is full of gut health goodness, healthy fats, superfoods, pre and probiotics and is free from inflammatory foods such as dairy, refined sugars and gluten. 

This recipe will fill your body with essential nutrients keeping you sustained and energised for longer – allowing your body and brain to function at its optimum.


•200mls of any plant/nut based milk of your choice 🥥 🥜 

•Handful of washed organic spinach 🥬 

•1/2 medium avocado 🥑 

*15mls Organic Flaxseed Oil

•1 scoop of  Nuzest (link on website to purchase)

*1 tsp Inspiriko Love thy guy (optional and available through me)

*1 tsp Cosmic energy (optional and available through me)

•1tbsp melted coconut oil

•1 Medjooled date or 1/2 banana optional


Add the ingredients to a thermomix or blender (leaving aside the optional toppings) and then simply blend all of it until smooth and creamy.

Decorate your bowl with the optional toppings and place in fridge until ready to eat.

Toppings and Optional extras that will give you a super boost!

•Organic Chia seeds

*Organic Cacao nibs

•Organic Coconut (shredded)

•Organic Blueberries 

*Organic Raspberries

*Organic Hemp seeds

*Organic homemade granola

You can also try drizzling nut butter over the top ~ Mmmmmm one of my favourites

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